As part of our ‘Full Management’ service White Tiger Estates will arrange any maintenance repairs to the property. However, the costs of these repairs will be charged to the Landlord.

Whilst having made prior arrangements for small repairs to be carried out, we will however always endeavor to contact you to discuss the situation before spending any money.

Should an emergency at the property occur, we will also endeavor to contact you to discuss the situation before authorizing a repair. However, if we are unable to contact you we have a duty to ensure that emergencies are dealt with as quickly as possible, and may therefore have to authorize a repair on your behalf.

Landlords’ using the ‘Let Only’ service will be responsible for arranging all maintenance. Tenants’ will contact the landlord directly should there be any problems.

It must be understood that the tenant is legally entitled to “enjoy” a home kept in reasonable repair and those repairs should be carried out within a reasonable time period.

Access to the Property

The tenant is legally entitled to enjoy uninterrupted occupation of the property – landlords and agents are not legally allowed to gain access without first providing reasonable notice. It is a criminal offence to harass a tenant.


Where a property is advertised as furnished, all bedrooms must contain a bed, adequate clothes storage space, a desk, chair and curtains or blinds which are properly hung.

Living rooms must have adequate seating for the number of tenants, and kitchens need to be fitted with the white goods- cooker, fridge, freezer, washing machine.

All furnishings must comply with the Furniture and Furnishing (fire safety) Regulations 1988. All electrical items i.e. TV’s/lamps must comply with the Electrical Safety Regulations.

An unfurnished property should still include fitted carpets, curtains and the kitchen white goods- cooker, fridge/freezer and washing machine.

Safety regulations/Obligations

Gas Safety

The 1994 Gas Safety Regulations place a legal obligation on you/us to have any gas appliances (including bottle gas appliances) and flues checked and certified annually by a GAS SAFE registered tradesman. A copy of the Landlord’s Gas Safety Record has to be supplied to the tenant. Non-compliance is a criminal offence. Cost and inconvenience are reduced if all gas-fired appliances, including central heating systems, are serviced once a year at the same time as they are certified.

Electrical Safety

Landlords are responsible for ensuring electrical safety throughout the property. We highly recommend that you have an electrical safety certificate carried out.

Fire Safety/Smoke Alarms/Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Certain houses classed as ‘Houses in Multiple Occupation’ will legally require smoke alarms. However, we do require every property to be fitted with smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.

Energy Performance Certificates

All rental properties require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) by law. A valid EPC must be made available to all prospective tenants upon request.