Students are required to provide either a UK guarantor, or a large amount of rent in advance (usually 6 months), so we are happy to report that the vast majority of students pay promptly and without difficulty.

If rent is unpaid, we will try to determine why the rent has not been paid since different causes require different solutions. It is worth considering the following as reasons for non-payment:

  • Tenants have a grievance and are therefore withholding the rent – most grievances are resolvable and any maintenance issues should be dealt with promptly to prevent this possibility.
  • General financial difficulty/loss of part time employment; we have an excellent Advice and Representation Centre who can advise and assist tenants with resolving financial difficulties, including applying for benefits.
  • Accident, illness or injury can all cause hiccups in rent payments. A previously good tenant is worth looking after, perhaps by accepting payment of the arrears by instalments. Court action should only be a last resort.

Early Tenancy Termination

Tenants, perhaps because of a change in circumstances, may want to terminate their tenancy before the initial fixed period has expired. Since they have signed a legally binding document you would be within your rights to insist that the full rent for that period is paid, regardless of whether or not they continue to occupy. However, we recommend offering to release the current tenant/s as soon as a suitable replacement tenant/s can be found. We do however ensure that our client, the Landlord, does not suffer financially in the process. In these circumstances we therefore charge the outgoing tenant/s the set-up fees to cover the costs of the new tenant/s references and Tenancy Agreement.